A few changes in your life can change your finances

And can help you pay off your personal loans and can help you get back on track:

1) Change your social life. Going out with friends usually means spending money, but you can change your social life to include free events and free evenings at home just as easily. The savings can go right into an emergency fund or savings account.

2) Change your habits. Do you drink, gamble, or smoke? These are some costly habits. Cutting them out of your life improves your health and the health of your bank account.

3) Change your style. Are you spending a mint to look great? You can shop vintage looks at consignment stores, bargains at beauty product wholesalers, and get a haircut that requires fewer salon visits.

4) Change your attitude towards money. Money is a tool. It’s not your best friend, therapist, or the measure by which you are evaluated. Learn as much as you can about money and get into the habit of respecting and using it wisely.

5) Change your home. Getting a roommate, moving into a more affordable home, getting a mortgage, or deciding to rent (or buy) can change your finances dramatically. Your home is probably your biggest expense. When you save money here, you tend to save big.

6) Change your lifestyle. Big lifestyle changes – such as getting rid of your car to save money or buying a home so that you have an investment in the future can change your finances dramatically.

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